10:18. Starter

Scheme of inclusion of a starter

The small electric motor – a starter is necessary for start of the internal combustion engine with compulsory ignition of air-fuel mix. In order that the engine in general could be started, the starter has to rotate it with a speed not less than 300 rpm. At the same time the starter has to work perfectly and the rechargeable battery has to be charged.

The starter consists of polar, driving and collector cases. In polar and collector cases there is an anchor, a collector, and also the holder of brushes. In the holder of brushes there are graphitic brushes, the worn-out part. At strong wear of graphitic brushes work of a starter is broken.

In the driving case there is a gear wheel drive. If at inclusion of ignition the starter receives tension, then the magnetic switch sitting on the starter case throws out a gear wheel on a worm carving towards a gear wreath of a flywheel and enter them gearing, beginning to rotate the engine. As soon as the engine is started, the flywheel, in turn, accelerates and throws out a starter gear wheel back.

At start there is a big consumption of current a starter therefore within service it is necessary to pay attention to a faultless condition of cable connections. Corrosion connections to clear and grease with technical vaseline.