10.2. Installation of additional electroaccessories

Brackets for fastening of additional wires

During the works concerning the electrical system to prevent danger of short circuit in an electrical wiring, it is always necessary to disconnect and put aside a cable of mass of the rechargeable battery.


If the rechargeable battery was disconnected, then from memory of the monitor malfunctions of the engine, the transmission, anti-blocking system are erased, and also other electric devices, for example radio, hours are switched-off or their memory is erased.

When drilling openings in a body agnails have to be removed from their edges and they have to be covered with primer and a varnish. Shaving needs to be deleted carefully.

If it is required (in order to avoid noise during the movement) from again laid cable, and also its attrition to protect it in addition insulating tape, plastic, cable clips, etc. At the same time to pay special attention to that between brake pipelines and the laid cables there was a distance not less than 10 mm, and between brake pipelines and cables which move together with the engine or other parts of the car there was a distance not less than 25 mm.

At installation of additional electroconsumers it is necessary to check every time whether the generator will be able to sustain loading from the installed devices. If necessary, to provide installation of more powerful generator.