10.4. Relay

Relays are in many current electrochains. Relays of inclusion work as the switch. For example: if driving beam is turned on by the switch manually, then the corresponding relay receives a signal of giving of current to lamps of driving beam. Many tokoyemky consumers (headlights, janitors, fog lights) in a chain have relays strongly not to load the switch or to have shorter way of current. There are also functional relays, for example, of system of cleaning and a sink of glasses or a timer of illumination of salon.


Connecting contacts of the relay of a normirovana. At inclusion of the consumer of the relay copes. It means that giving of current of inclusion to the plug 68, the inclusion chain to the plug 85 is closed. The magnetic coil in the relay involves the core and closes a current chain to "Working current". "Working current" goes from the plug 30 via the relay and the plug 87 further to the consumer.

It is the simplest to check operability of the relay it is possible, having replaced it new serviceable. So becomes also on HUNDRED. As the fan not always has near at hand the necessary relay, the following working receptions in the handling of the inclusion relay which, among other things, are used to inclusion of headlights and fog lights are recommended. The designations of plugs given here can differ and, first of all, from serially installed relays.

1. To extend the relay from a nest.
2. To include ignition and the corresponding switch.
3. To check in the beginning tension indicator presence of tension on the plug 30 (+) in a relay nest. For this purpose to connect the indicator to weight(s), carefully to put the second wire to the plug 30 in a relay nest. If the diode of the indicator lights up, tension is. If the indicator does not show tension, to determine break in a chain from a positive pole of the rechargeable battery (+) to the plug 30 by the electrical circuitry.
4. To make a crossing point of the isolated wire, having bared its ends.
5. To connect this crossing point in a nest the plug 30 (+) the rechargeable battery, always energized) to a relay switch exit the plug 87. This reception becomes most too that would do the serviceable relay, it be established.
6. If at the established crossing point, for example, driving beam lights up, then the relay is faulty.
7. If driving beam does not light up, to find out whether there is a connection of weight with a headlight. Then, by means of the electrical circuitry to find break in a wire from the plug 87 to a headlight and to eliminate.
8. If necessary to replace the relay.