10:20. Electrical circuitries

Depending on equipment, in the car about 1000 m of wires can be laid.

If necessary to find malfunction in the electrical system or to install the additional device, not to do without electrical circuitry on which all directions of a current of current and cable connections are designated. The electrochain has to be closed, otherwise current on it will not pass. It is not enough to give, for example, positive current to a headlight, it has to have connection with weight.

Therefore the cable of mass of the rechargeable battery is connected to a body. Sometimes one connection with weight is not enough and the corresponding consumer receives a direct line of weight which isolation, as a rule, brown color. Chains can switch on relay switches, safety locks, measuring devices, electric motors or other devices. For the correct connection of these devices their contacts have the corresponding designation.

In order that it is easier to understand an interlacing of wires, on the electrical circuitry they are located separately vertically, nearby with each other and numbered.

Vertical lines of schemes are sent up – to the general field. This field designates a relay payment with safety locks. On a relay payment there is a constant connection with weight (plug 31). Thin strokes in the field clearly designate what chains in a relay payment switch with each other. Below the chain becomes isolated the horizontal line which symbolizes connection with weight. Connection with weight is usually carried out directly through a body or by means of a wire with a weight point on a body.

If the chain is interrupted by a square in which there is a number, then the figure specifies a further way of current.

It is expedient to address with the electrical circuitry as follows:
in the beginning find on a legend the necessary device, for example, the heater motor switch. In the right column, near designation of the device the way of current which is also designated below on the horizontal line is marked with figure.

In order that it was possible to read the electrical circuitry, knowledge of designation of the device on the scheme is required and, besides, it is necessary to know designation of the major switches.