10.5. Electric motor of janitors

The electric motor of janitors is in a water box under a windshield, at the back janitor at luggage carrier doors. For check it is necessary to remove the corresponding protection. To be described below check of janitors of a windshield. In case of the janitor of back glass arrive also.

Designations of plugs

Normirovana engine plugs:

  – plug 31, connection with weight (general car in the electrical system);
  – the plug 53 receives tension for the first speed of janitors;
  – the plug 53a gives positive current (+) for final position of the janitor: the engine receives through the sliding contact tension until janitors do not reach starting, non-working position if the driver switches off janitors;
  – the plug 53b gives tension for the second speed of janitors (a minor final winding);
  – via the plug 53e the engine slows down at the return movement after switching off that janitors did not fall below non-working situation;
  – is available not everywhere: the plug 53c gives tension to an electric water pomp of a sink of a windshield; the plug 53i is available for engines of janitors with a permanent magnet and the third brush (for the increased speed of janitors).


1. In the beginning to find out what is faulty: the engine of janitors or does not move tension. For this purpose to disconnect the multicontact plug from the engine of janitors.
2. By means of two additional wires to bring from the rechargeable battery to the engine tension (+) and (-):
 – to put one wire from a positive pole of the rechargeable battery to the plug 53 or 53b;
 – the rechargeable battery, the second from a minus pole, to the plug of 31 engines.
3. The engine of janitors, depending on the connected plug, has to work at I or II steps. If is not present, then the engine or the corresponding step is faulty. To remove the engine of janitors.