10:14. Voltage stabilizer

Check of the stabilizer
1. Voltage stabilizer

2. Fastening screw

3. Radiator

The stabilizer supports constant tension on devices. The stabilizer needs to be checked if indexes of temperature of cooling liquid and a reserve of fuel give the wrong values.


1. To remove a peak and a cover of a guard of devices.
2. To remove the left device.


Not to disconnect the rechargeable battery.

At guards of devices with the analog watch or a tachometer the voltage stabilizer is in a frame on the printed circuit board behind the right device.

3. To include ignition.
Check of entrance tension
4. To connect the voltmeter to a plus entrance (plug 15) (a) and the weight (b). The required value: about tension of the rechargeable battery (12 V). Otherwise, to find break according to the electrical circuitry.

Check of output tension

5. To connect the voltmeter to an output pole (c) and the weight (b). The required value: 9,5-10,5 B, otherwise, the break in a conducting foil or is faulty the voltage stabilizer. To replace a faulty detail.


The conducting foil separately cannot be replaced. All guard of devices is replaced.


1. To switch off ignition.
2. To unscrew the screw of fastening (2) and to take out down from contacts (and, b, c) the voltage stabilizer.


1. It is correct to establish three connections in contacts (and, b, c).
2. To screw reliably the voltage stabilizer on a radiator. The radiator (3) serves for the heat removal which is formed in operating time. Therefore without radiator not to install the stabilizer.