10:11. Rechargeable battery

The rechargeable battery is at the left in a motor compartment under a cowl cover. At removal of the rechargeable battery to uncover. At cars with the additional rechargeable battery, the second a battery room the battery is under sitting of the driver. At kempingovy equipment additional rechargeable batteries are in a back part of the car.


If the main rechargeable battery is removed, then record in the control unit of the engine is erased. The devices which are constantly in work (for example, the radio receiver and hours) stop or their memory is erased. Before a detachment it is necessary to interview memory. At connection to program the corresponding devices again.

Some serially released radio receivers have, besides, coding. The anticreeping code interferes with unauthorized use of the device if the chain was interrupted. The chain can be interrupted, for example, as a result of a detachment of the rechargeable battery, removal of the radio receiver or burn-out of a safety lock.

If the radio receiver is coded, then before a detachment of the rechargeable battery to write down a radio code. If the code is unknown, then the radio receiver can be put into operation only on HUNDRED again.