Check of a form of a stream and tightness

1. To disconnect the plug from the valve of cold start.
2. To remove injection valves.
3. To disconnect pipelines of giving and return on the fuel distributor.
4. To send an exit from the valve to suitable capacities.


To protect eyes from hit of splashes of fuel.

5. To disconnect the blue plug (shooter) of the sensor of temperature on a branch pipe of cooling liquid.
6. To connect resistance of 15 Ohms to contacts of the plug of the sensor of temperature.
7. By means of additional wires to connect the plug of valves of injection (2) to contacts (1) of the distributor of fuel.
8. To include a starter for several seconds (assistant), comparing at the same time forms of streams of the injecting valves with each other. The stream of fuel has to have the cone-shaped form, and on all valves look equally.
9. To install valves.


Use of household detergents is inadmissible. In order to avoid damage of the pump of a washer.

10. At connection of valves to pay attention to that rings were not damaged. To check a sealing ring for damage, if necessary to replace. Before installation to grease a sealing ring with fuel.