10.1.2. Measurement of current

Measurement of current

It is required to measure current in the car rather seldom.

For measurement of current it is necessary to open a chain and to connect the ampermeter in a gap. For this purpose, for example, the plug and a red cable can be removed () the ampermeter it is connected to electrical wire. The black cable (-) has to be connected to contact to which the wire with break is usually connected. The contact of weight between the consumer and the plug, has to be restored by means of the additional conductor.


At all not to measure by the ordinary ampermeter current in a starter electrical wiring (about 150 And) or candles of heat of the diesel engine (to 60 A). The high currents arising at the same time will destroy the device. For this purpose use the ampermeter with a clip for a direct current. At the same time the clip takes isolation of the conductor and current is measured by an induction method.