Check of number of giving

Chart of number of supply of fuel

1. To connect the voltmeter by means of additional wires to the fuel pump. To press remote control, to measure and write down the measured size; about 2 V less than tension of the rechargeable battery of 12 Century.
2. For elimination of excessive pressure to open and close a cover of the fuel tank.
3. To disconnect the pipeline of the return supply of fuel (1) from a branch. To connect by means of an adapter an additional hose with the manometer, to lower the second end in measured capacity. In the drawing the 4-cylinder petrol engine is represented.
4. To include remote control, gradually closing the crane until the manometer shows 3 bars. To leave the crane in this situation.
5. To release measured capacity.
6. To include remote control for 30 seconds.
7. In size of the written-down tension to determine the required value of the minimum quantity of giving by the chart. For example: to value of voltage of 10 V there corresponds the minimum quantity of giving = 500 cm3.
8. To compare the minimum quantity of giving to the measured number of giving.


If tension is normal, and the number of giving nevertheless is not enough, to check whether are bent and whether fuel-supply lines are hammered, whether the fuel filter is hammered. If everything is all right to check the backpressure valve of the fuel pump.