10.3.5. Check of sensors

Examples of sensors: the oil pressure sensor, sensors of level of the cooling and brake fluid.

1. To connect a control lamp or an ohmmeter to the suitable and departing sensor wire. For this purpose to disconnect wires from the sensor.


The sensor which is screwed in in the block of cylinders, as a rule, has no weight wire.

2. At operation of the sensor resistance is equal to zero. Otherwise – resistance infinity.
3. Check of operation of sensors of level of the cooling and brake liquids can be made quickly if at the included ignition to disconnect the wire bringing electricity from the sensor and to put it to weight. Fire of a control bulb on a guard of devices speaks about malfunction of the sensor. A special case is the oil pressure sensor: at the idle engine the sensor works (the control bulb burns) and only with a certain pressure of oil the sensor is switched-off.