Check of a maple belt

The special tool is not required. Necessary spare details – maple belts of the corresponding sizes.

It is recommended to replace all belts at once even if only one is worn-out. The sizes of belts are specified in the maintenance instruction. Too weak tension of a maple belt leads to the increased wear or failure of a belt.

At a strong tension bearings of the corresponding units can fail.

1. Maple the belt needs to be replaced in cases: excessive wear, uncombed sides, traces of oil, porosity, cracks on a surface.
2. To check a tension of a maple belt, having strongly pressed a thumb in the middle between two belt pulleys which have the greatest distance from each other.
3. Maple the belt of the generator, pump of the power steering has to cave in approximately on 5 mm.
4. Maple the compressor belt of the conditioner has to cave in approximately on 10 mm.
5. Maple belts, if necessary to replace.


At a new belt to check a tension in 10 min. work again.