Gulf of engine oil

1. To screw in a carving stopper of discharge of oil with a new sealing ring and it is reliable to tighten, but it is not too strong. The inhaling moment at the 4-cylinder engine: 30 N · m; at 5-cylinder: 50 N · m.
2. To clean a flange of an oil filter on the block of cylinders fuel, having removed the possible remains of laying of an oil filter.
3. To grease with a thin butter layer a rubber sealing ring of an oil filter.
4. To tighten the new filter only by hand. As soon as laying of the filter concerns the block of cylinders to turn the filter on 1/2 turns. To pay attention to instructions on an oil filter.
5. To fill in new oil through a maslozalivny mouth (shooter) on a cover of a head of the block of cylinders. Then to check oil level the index of level of oil.


It is strongly recommended to wash down oil 1/2 liters smaller and to warm up the engine. To kill the engine and several minutes later to check level the index of level of oil. If necessary to add. Surplus of oil needs to be sucked away, otherwise the catalyst will be damaged.

6. After control departure to check tightness of a carving stopper of discharge of oil and an oil filter, if necessary carefully to tighten.
7. To kill the engine which is warmed up up to the working temperature and about 2 minutes later to double-check oil level, if necessary to achieve normal level.
8. To establish the lower protection of a motor compartment.


In order that it was possible to watch better operational properties of the engine, when replacing oil to apply oil of one type and, whenever possible, one brand. At the same time it is expedient to fix at each replacement of oil on the engine the plate with the indication of brand and viscosity of oil.