10.20.1. Alphabetic reference of the major devices

Alphabetic reference
Device, device
Rechargeable battery
Ignition lock
Manual switch
Mechanical switch
Sensor, control devices
Sound signal, two-tone sound signal
Relay, control unit
R, L, M, W, X
Control lamps, lamps, lamps
Electrovalves, resistance, switching off devices
Ignition distributor
Р, Q
Sockets of spark plugs, spark plugs
Radio receiver
Safety locks
Shtekerny connections, sockets
Electric motors

For exact recognition near letters figures are given.

The relay and electronic control units are, as a rule, designated in gray color. Carried out in the line are internal connections. They show how the relay and other electric and electronic devices switch among themselves and with a relay payment.

The figure in a black square designates the place of the relay on a relay payment with a safety lock. Directly on noted relay there is a contact designation. For example: if on the electrical circuitry the contact is designated 17/87, then 17th this designation of the plug on a relay payment 87: this designation of the plug on the relay (control unit).

Designation of plugs normirovano DIN.

Designations of plugs

Plug 30. Tension of the rechargeable battery is always attached to this plug. A cable always red or red with color streaks.

Plug 31. Conducts to weight. Weight wires, as a rule, brown.

Plug 15. Eats from the ignition lock. Wires carry current only at the included ignition. A cable always green or green with color streaks.

Plug X. Carries current also only at the included ignition, but current is interrupted as soon as the starter joins. Supply with current only of system of ignition is provided to these during start. The increasing tokopotrebitel are in this chain. Driving beam is also supplied with current from this plug. Driving beam automatically switches on parking at switching off of ignition.

Figures and under them combinations of letters are given in the electrical circuitry on separate conductors. For example:


Figures specify the cross section of the conductor. Letters specify color of the conductor. If designation consists of two groups of the letters divided by inclined line, as in an example, then the first group specifies primary color of the conductor: WS – white, the second group of letters: ge – yellow – complementary color. As sometimes it happens that are applied to various chains identical color of a wire, it is recommended to control a combination of flowers of the corresponding conductors on connecting plugs. White wires, for distinction, are supplied in addition with number which in the electrical circuitry costs under alphabetic reference of color.