10.20.4. Identification of electrical circuitries

Owing to large volume it is impossible to follow all electrical circuitries every year of release of models. However it is possible to orient also on the present electrical circuitry even if the car belongs to other year of release as changes affect only, as a rule, separate parts.

Designation of electrical circuitries of engines

Alphabetic reference
Electrical circuitry
2,0 l / 62 kW
2, 5 l / 82 kW
1, 9 l / 45 kW
1,9 l / 50 kW
2, 4 l / 57 kW

Relay complete set

The number which is beaten out on the corresponding relay is specified in brackets behind the name of the relay.

1. Relay of the conditioner (13)
2. The relay of janitors of back glass with automatic equipment of intervals (72)
3. Relay of the Digifant (30) control unit
4. Unloading relay of contact X (18)
5. Control unit of the index of a lack of cooling liquid (42)
6. The relay of the alarm system (21) or the relay of the alarm system when driving with the trailer (22)
7. Relay of system of a sink of headlights (33)
8. Relay of automatic equipment of intervals of a sink and purification of glasses (19)
9. Control unit of system of the warning of fastening of seat belts (27, 34)
10. Relay of fog lights (53)
11. Relay of a two-tone signal (53) or shtekerny crossing point of a sound signal
12. Relay of heating of inlet air (1) or relay of the fuel pump (80)
13. Relay of heating of inlet air (1) or control unit of automatic equipment of time of an incandescence (102)
14. Control unit of repeated turning on of the fan of a radiator (31) or relay of additional inclusion of a water pomp (53)
15. Safety lock of additional inclusion of a water pomp
17. Control unit of heating of sitting of the driver (59)
18. Control unit of heating of the sitting, next to driver, (59)
19. Relay of the conditioner (56)