10.20.5. Instruction for use of the electrical circuitry


All switches and contacts are in mechanically non-working situation.

1. Designation of the plug, 15: at the included ignition tension of the rechargeable battery is enclosed
2. Internally connections (thin strokes). These connections by conductors are not. And still they carry current and allow to track the direction of current in the device
3. Designation of contacts on the relay / control unit and on a relay payment / to an additional relay fee, for example: 17/87 – on a relay payment
4. Number of the place of the relay: designates the place of the relay on a relay payment or an additional relay fee
5. Cross section of the conductor, mm2
6. Color of the conductor corresponds to color of the conductor in the car, here: green / white
7. Designation of details: on a legend find how the device which is conditionally designated on the scheme is called (here – the fan of cooling liquid)
8. The designated detail which symbol is in an electrochain above

  9. Number of an electrochain, for simplification of search of the device in the electrical circuitry
10. "Mass" of the car (general wire of a power supply system)
11. Figures in circles designate the location or arrangements of connections with weight
12. The combination of letters and figures designates shtekerny connections, T4 here – four-contact shtekerny connection. Interpretation of designation of shtekerny connection: T14/12 – means: 14 – contact shtekerny connection, 12 – contact No. 12 in connection
13. Circuit designation: backing lamp switch
14. Figures in squares designate: the break of the conductor is also specified in what chain it proceeds
15. A combination of letters and figures on connections: employment of the line by conductors of multicontact or separate shtekerny connections, for example V15a – multicontact connection B, contact 15a is specified.
16. Field: designates a relay payment with safety locks