A peak of devices (Torpedo) on a guard of devices


Devices, control lamps with frames and lamps for illumination, and also the voltage stabilizer after removal of a peak can be removed in front without removal of a guard of devices. If it is necessary to replace a lamp of illumination of the digital watch or a contact payment, speed sensors, it is required to remove all guard of devices. To replace a conduction payment only together with a guard of devices.


1. To disconnect a weight(s) cable from the rechargeable battery.


At the same time from memory of the radio receiver the anticreeping code is erased. To disconnect the rechargeable battery only at the switched-off ignition. Otherwise damage of the control unit of system of injection is possible.

2. To remove a steering wheel.
3. To remove the combined switch.
4. To unscrew 2 self-carved screws (1) and to curve a peak (2) from spring clips (3).
5. To push a hand under a guard of devices and to disconnect the multicontact socket behind the left index device (temperature of cooling liquid and a reserve of fuel), having pressed at the same time stoppers (are specified by shooters).
6. If is available, to disconnect the speedometer roller behind a guard of devices, having squeezed at the same time side edges of a plastic part.
7. To unscrew screws of fastening (2) at the left and on the right. To take out a guard of devices and to disconnect a vacuum hose of the vacuum sensor (only for the multipurpose index of MFA) on the back party. To unscrew the screw of fastening (1) on a cover.
8. To remove the installation button on "0" kilometers of a day run and to take out a cover.


1. Installation is carried out in the return to removal an order. To connect the plug before click.
2. To install the combined wheel switch.
3. To establish a wheel.