10.11.3. Charging of the rechargeable battery


Never "to short-circuit" the rechargeable battery: it is impossible to connect together plus (+) and minus poles.

At short circuit the rechargeable battery heats up and can explode.

Not to use naked flame near the rechargeable battery.

Electrolyte is caustic, to avoid hit it in eyes, on skin, clothes. In case of need, to wash out a large amount of water.

1. Before charging to disconnect a wire of weight and a positive wire from the rechargeable battery. Weight(s) first of all.
2. Before charging to check electrolyte level, if necessary to add the distilled water.
3. To defreeze the frozen rechargeable battery before charging.
4. Forward left support of the engine.
5. The charged rechargeable battery freezes at a temperature about -65 °C, semi-loaded at -30 °C, discharged already at -12 °C.
6. To charge the rechargeable battery in well aired room. At charging of the rechargeable battery by car, the cover of a cowl has to be open.
7. At usual charging charging current makes about 10% of capacity (at 50 A4 rechargeable batteries about 5,0 And). As time of charging 10 hours are accepted.
8. To connect a positive pole (+) the rechargeable battery to a plus pole, minus a pole (-) to a minus pole of the charging device.
9. During charging it is impossible to exceed electrolyte temperature in +55 °C, otherwise charging to stop or reduce charging current.
10. To load until in banks strong gas emission does not begin and, at the measurements which are carried out in each hour, density of electrolyte and tension have to be constants.
11. After charging to check electrolyte level, if necessary to add the distilled water.


The engine should not work at the disconnected rechargeable battery, otherwise the electrical system will be damaged.

Bystry charging, start from a foreign source

Charging or start from a foreign source by means of the fast-charging device can be applied only in exceptional cases as the rechargeable battery in this case is exposed to short-term influence of very strong current. Long stored rechargeable batteries cannot be charged with the device of bystry charging. To observe instructions on storage of the rechargeable battery.